EVO’s athletic division seeks out athletes that have a platform following and thus are more likely to gain sponsorship and a chance at developing profitable careers.  Imagine investing in athletes that are up and coming who have millions of followers on social media and have the highest chance of gaining marketing partnerships and additive businesses.  EVO lets fans invest into these athlete’s careers, businesses, and venture projects. 



There’s a lot of money to be made as a professional athlete, and EVO is creating a unique opportunity for athletes and fans to win together like never before.  EVO is a revolutionary platform whose mission is to allow fans to invest into athletes that already have a platform and higher chance of success in gaining sponsorship and business opportunities. Born from a team of industry veterans from the sports and venture capital world, EVO is focused on scouting professional athletes for their extraordinary skill, marketability, and funding their development through fan investment. As EVO athletes succeed, a portion of their winnings will be returned to the company and its investors. This enables EVO-invested fans to become rabidly engaged consumers, EVO athletes to become focused champions, and EVO-involved sports to become growth markets in an increasingly noisy world.