Why is the company called “EVO”?

EVO is short for EVOLUTION.  We are evolving and revolutionizing pro athlete development, and the relationship between athletes and fans.

Do I get to / have to pick specific athletes to invest in?

No, when you invest in EVO, you will invest in EVO’s total pool of talented athletes across all the individual sports they support. EVO is managed by a team of veteran scouts who will pick athletes to support.

What sports will EVO be focused on?

At first, EVO will focus on racing and combat sports. Then, as EVO grows, they plan on getting involved in other individual sports well.

What percentage of an athlete’s earnings will I get?

Investors in EVO have two ways of potentially earning a return on investment:

EVO will distribute five-percent (5%) of the aggregate amount of revenue actually received by the company to the Class B Common Stock Shareholders (the stock investors get when they invest in our online stock offerings) on an annual basis.  The exact amount received by each shareholder is based on their number of shares held, beginning on, or after, January 1, 2021, or any earlier date determined by the corporation’s Board of Directors, in its sole discretion.

Also, while there are no plans to do so in the immediate future, if EVO ever holds an IPO, or if EVO is merged or acquired by another company—all shareholders could get an additional return on their investment.

How does EVO find their athletes?

EVO will use expert scouts in each sport to find the best athletes. Those athletes are put through a rigorous selection process to see if they have what it takes to become an EVO athlete.

Will I be able to interact with EVO athletes if I’m an investor?

Yes. EVO investors will be able to interact with EVO athletes online, and in-person at special investor events throughout the year.

Can I sell my shares?

When you become an investor in EVO, you own shares that are “liquid”—meaning you can sell them if you find a buyer—but keep in mind, EVO is an early-stage private company, which is not listed on a stock exchange, or other secondary market, so it will be hard to find a buyer in the time being. You should consider an investment in EVO to be a long-term investment that you hold indefinitely. If you are investing with the thought that you can easily sell your stock in the near future and make a return, or get some, or all, of your money back, this is not an investment for you.

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Give us an overview of what EVO is

How will EVO make money?

What kind of athletes is EVO planning to take under its umbrella?

Why are combat sports, like MMA and boxing considered expensive?

How will people be able to invest in EVO?

Will the investors have a say in which athletes EVO takes on?

How will investors know who the EVO athletes are?

How will you recruit athletes? What is your rigorous selection process?

How will you offer support to the athletes (aside from funding)?

Who are your scouts?

How does someone get to be an EVO fighter?

How does someone get to be an EVO driver?

Will investors get to interact with EVO athletes?

Will EVO hold events for investors?

How has COVID-19 affected individual professional sports?

Do you plan to have F1 drivers, NASCAR drivers, or just IndyCar?

In what ways could an investor get a return on their investment?

Does EVO plan to spend an equal amount of money invested in every athlete?

Does EVO plan to have a racing team?

Are future athlete sponsorship and endorsement revenues part of the EVO plan?

What is the planned training process for an EVO athlete?

What are the specific aspects of training an EVO driver?

What are the specific aspects of training an EVO fighter?

What is the 5-year goal of EVO?


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