EVO is a revolutionary athlete-development company that eliminates the financial burdens for tomorrow’s champions and changes the way fans experience professional sports through the power of investment.

For the first time in history, professional athletes will no longer be burdened by the financial strain of participation—only the most skilled will survive, and fans can be a part of it all!


For certain professional sports—like racing, golf, boxing, MMA, and tennis—money is the biggest challenge, and many top contenders are unable to continue their careers from lack of funding, not lack of talent.


EVO takes skilled athletes who are struggling financially, and provides them with world-class development, in exchange for a share of future earnings. A portion of those earnings are then shared with EVO investors, and this model allows athletes to focus on winning without the burdens of financial constraints.


Consumers invest in EVO through the purchase of shares of the company’s stock. As EVO athletes succeed, a portion of their winnings are shared with EVO, and its investors. Additionally, EVO will raise money through sponsorship deals with other companies.


Adults of all ages. 

Sports fans are obvious targets, but the athlete stories EVO can tell are compelling to a broad audience, much like the profiles presented during the Olympic Games. They’re stories of tribulation, transformation, and triumph.


EVO is a first-of-its-kind business model built for professional athletes and fans. It’s a revolutionary new approach to athletic development that ties the success of top contenders directly to the financial engagement of dedicated fans. 

Fans build athletes—and as those athletes succeed—sporting events can become more exciting, and more talent-focused—creating a situation where everyone wins together.


With successful investment rounds, EVO will lay the groundwork for scouting professional athletes, and securing sponsorship deals.

Following that, is the success of EVO athletes—paired with extensive PR, branded media campaigns, and social buzz surrounding events.