EVO Opens Investment Round Allowing Fans to Own Part of Future Earnings of Professional Athletes

January 28, 2021

Evolution Development Group, Inc. (EVO) today announced that sports fans or anyone in the general public can invest online in their athlete development company and share in the earnings of any professional race car driver, boxer, MMA fighter, golfer or other professional athletes that EVO signs to a development contract in the future.

EVO has enlisted expert advisors across multiple sports to include Andretti Autosport, an elite combat coach, professional golf instructors and performance coaches, who are scouting talent to evaluate future championship potential. The chosen athletes are provided funding for world-class development, training and support. In exchange for this funding, EVO and its investors receive a share of each EVO athletes’ future earnings. For as little as $150, sports fans and others can purchase actual stock in EVO online, and by doing so, they will be invested in all EVO athletes’ careers and future earnings potential.

“Imagine a weekend watching an INDYCAR race, a PGA Tour match and an MMA fight on television or your own personal streaming device and cheering for the EVO athletes in those events because you know you will receive part of their winnings,” said John Norman, EVO’s CEO. “To me, it’s like fantasy sports meets Wall Street.”

Every fan at some point in their life has fantasized about what it would be like to be financially linked to a top performing athlete and their financial success. EVO is now offering that opportunity as they begin to scout and sign athletes to their team roster.



EVO is a revolutionary athlete-development company which plans to eliminate the financial burdens of tomorrow’s champions and change the way fans experience sports through the power of investment. EVO aims to take skilled professional athletes in individual sports and provide them with world-class development and support, in exchange for a share of future earnings. A portion of those earnings will be shared with EVO investors, and this model will allow athletes to focus on winning, without the burdens of financial constraints.

EVO has partnered with Andretti Autosport to help scout future drivers. Andretti Autosport, led by racing legend Michael Andretti, boasts a wide racing portfolio rooted in tradition and designed for success.

Under the banners of Andretti Autosport and BMWi Andretti Motorsport, the Indianapolis-based team fields multiple entries across the INDYCAR SERIES, Indy Lights, the FIA Formula E Championship and the IMSA Prototype Challenge LMP3 division. The team also competes as Walkinshaw Andretti United in the Australian Supercars category through partnership with Walkinshaw Racing and United Autosports and additionally is set to field an entry in the new Extreme E championship via Andretti United Extreme E.



If you are looking for a stock to buy today and sell tomorrow, EVO is not right for you. Investments are used to identify and sign athletes from EVO’s expert scouting team who believe have the potential to become high earners in their sport. This is often a long-term project because some athletes may not earn money quickly or at all. When you invest, you receive real stock in EVO – one share of Class B Non-Voting Common Stock for every $0.75 you invest. In addition to owning equity EVO sets aside 5% of the earnings of each EVO athlete and distributes that pool of money pro-rata to all investors on an annual basis.