Brand Story

For certain sports, money—more than talent—is the biggest challenge of a professional athlete’s career. It’s a broken model where a financial setback can mean the end of one athlete’s career, and only a minor stumble for another. Fans may never know how much better an individual professional sport can be when the budgets are balanced, the athletes are focused, and raw talent meets raw talent in the heat of competition.

EVO is here to make it happen.

EVO is a revolutionary athlete-development company whose mission is to create tomorrow’s champions. Born from a team of industry veterans, EVO is focused on scouting professional athletes for their extraordinary skill, and funding their development through fan investment. As EVO athletes succeed, a portion of their winnings will be returned to the company and its investors. This enables EVO-invested fans to become rabidly engaged consumers, EVO athletes to become focused champions, and EVO-involved sports to become growth markets in an increasingly noisy world.

Fans will be able to directly invest in an athlete’s journey from toil-to-triumph, and EVO is leading the way.

Let’s Win Together.