SteVen Kupcho

Professional Golfer

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Westminster, CO


United States


Younger sister is also a pro golfer

who is steVen kupcho?

Steven Kupcho is an American professional golfer from Westminster, Colorado.  He currently splits his time between the APT and the Dakotas Tour, and is prepating for Korn Ferry Tour Q-School in fall 2021, where he is already exempt into stage one.


Steven knows that the EVO team is going to give him the opportunity to play golf full time for the first time in his professional career, and enable him to focus all his energy into being the best he can be. EVO is literally providing the opportunity of a lifetime.

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The Journey

The journey to success on the PGA tour begins for many golfers—like Steven Kupcho—at a very young age.  While everyone’s path is unique, there are some typical milestones professionals need to achieve in order to make it to the highest level. 


A common path for high level college players is to turn pro immediately after finishing their college careers, though some high level amateurs like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth choose to leave college early to turn pro.


After turning pro, a golfer will compete on a developmental tour like the Q-School Korn Ferry Tour, European Tour, McKenzie (Canadian) Tour, Latin America Tour, Challenge (European 2nd tier) Tour, Sunshine (South Africa)Tour, various Asian tours, and or Australian tour.


Most golfers start off their professional careers playing in mini tour events and developmental tour events. Then as their games continue to improve and they get better under pressure they will attend multiple Q-Schools and try to earn status on those tours and begin the upward climb, with the goal being the Korn Ferry Tour.


On the Korn Ferry Tour, three wins in a season automatically earns you a spot on the PGA Tour.  Alternatively, you can progress through the Korn Ferry Tour regular season points list (top 25 get cards) or through the Korn Ferry tour championship series (top 25 get cards).  Or you can earn enough money through starts (sponsor exemptions or Monday Qualifying) in official PGA tour events to position yourself high enough to be included in any kind of reshuffle.


For Steven Kupcho and future EVO golfers, the key priority is to focus on the game.  EVO’s resources make that possible.  While Steven still has a ways to go before he’s earning big championship purses, it’s important to remember that focused, competitive golfers who play their best week after week can achieve meteoric rises in the rankings—just take the example of 2021 Masters runner-up Will Zalatoris, who was ranked 1,514th in the world in 2019, 483rd in 2020, and in 2021 has skyrocketed to 27th in the world, earning significant prize money and acclaim in the process.


Building champions takes time, but EVO is working hard to make the process as smooth and effective as possible for Steven Kupcho and other athletes in the future.  We hope to see Steven on the PGA Tour soon, where the EVO cheering section—including investors from around the country and the world—will root for his success.

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